Patio, Greenhouse, and Animal Misting Kit

$ 55.00 $ 100.00

Create a comfortable temperature zone for your plants, animals, family or friends around your greenhouse, patio, porch, yard, or other outdoor space by easily connecting this misting kit to your garden hose!

Works great for cooling greenhouses and animals such as chickens / poultry.

Enjoy summer cooling equal to impressive compatible cooling misting systems for less than 1/10th the cost! Adjust nozzle angle to control mist placement and cooling area.

The entire system uses less than 10 gallons per hour of usage. Use even less water and upgrade this product with our smart controller timer to to use voice controlled systems, set on a countdown, or timed schedule. 

Comes with 30ft. of misting hose with 10 pre-build nozzles and tees (place inline where needed). Kit includes:

  • 10 x pre-built nozzles
  • 9 x  pre-built tees
  • 1 x pre-built elbow
  • 1 x  garden hose to 1/4" adapter
  • 30 ft. tubing (place tees with misting nozzles inline where needed)
  • cable ties

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