Multiponics Module

$ 399.00

Sold Out

Custom fabricated from high-quality ABS plastic, our modules are perfect as reservoirs, cloners, or even building your own aeroponic system and using as a root chamber.  The lids can be customized for different sized net pots, bulkheads, drainage systems, cloning schemes, etc. upon special request.  Each of these units requires $100 for shipping that we are waiving for our first batch! *Can be locally picked up in Colorado for a $100 store credit.

  • FREE shipping during our Pre-Product-Launch!
  • Choose between a 73 site lid for 2" netpots or 6 site or 12 site lid for 3" netpots
  • Modular units can be connected into virtually limitless configurations for your customized setup
  • Research level, food grade, adaptable 

If you are interested in using a module but cannot afford it, please contact us about using a beta-model Multiponics Module.  These are not the most aesthetically-pleasing and might not be a perfect fit, but we can probably work something out with you.

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