DRIPnGROW™ Drip Irrigation Kit

$ 30.00

Automate an indoor or outdoor garden space using our DRIPnGROW™ drip irrigation kits. Provide a precise and steady source of water and moisture for your plants using this kit. We have 4 different levels of pressure regulating DIY drip kits. Please choose which level when adding to cart.

Basic: Garden hose to 1/4" quick connect adapter, 12x pressure regulating drip emitters, 30 ft. 1/4" tubing, end cap.

Medium: Garden hose to 1/4" quick connect adapter, 24x pressure regulating drip emitters, 50ft.  1/4" tubing, 3 x 1/4" quick connect elbows, 1 x 1/4" quick connect tee, end cap.

Advanced:  Aquatec 8800 pump and transformer, 36x pressure regulating drip emittersfilter, 100ft 1/4" tubing, 10 x 1/4" quick connect elbows, 5 x 1/4" quick connect tees, aeroponics smart timer, end cap.

Ultimate:  Aquatec 8800 pump and transformer, garden hose to 1/4" quick connect adapter, 48x pressure regulating drip emitters, 12 x extra pressure regulating drip emittersfilter, 500ft 1/4" tubing, 20 x 1/4" quick connect elbows, 10 x 1/4" quick connect teesaeroponics smart timer, end cap.

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