Multiponics Org

Multiponics provides schools, churches and other organizations with a DIY Hydroponics Curriculum to help teach communities indoor gardening using hydroponics. Participants learn about different hydroponics grow methods and the general parameters plants need to thrive in any gardening environment. Cultivation of herbs and veggies has never been easier!

Multiponics org high school hydro

Partnering with Multiponics allows us to share our wholesale relationships for bulk purchasing of hydroponics gear such as pumps, tubing, fittings and accessories. Each participant provides their own repurposed plastic or other water friendly material for their grow system, aka root container. These methods of materials procurement helps keeps the cost of this course very low, or even FREE (in some cases) using these funding methods:

  • Donations or Gifts 
  • Crowdfunding
  • Organizational Funding 
  • Grants, Community Co-op, etc.
  • Other (contact us
Multiponics org high school hydro