Multiponics 5-in-1 Pump Box

$ 300.00

Multi-functional 5-in-1 high pressure Aquatec 8800 pump installed in high quality project box enclosure. Special model external booster pump selected for maximum pressure and flow with minimal power draw. Simply place the filter in a water tank <6ft from pump box and connect into the left (inlet) side bulkhead. The extra tubing connects to the right (outlet) side bulkhead and can be used to build out your supply line. Ideal for use in aeroponics, greenhouse or animal cooling, patio or outdoor space cooling, drip irrigation, and more! Use to move water 1,000 ft+ uphill! Use with Multiponics food grade filters and  tubing (included), drip emitters, misting nozzles and other accessories


Food safe, American made components installed in prebuilt quality project box

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