Build Your Own Aeroponic System Kit (8800 Pump)

$ 195.00

Build and create your own high pressure aeroponic system!  Great for hobbyists, gardeners, horticulturists, and research.  We offer several different levels of kits.  The bare bones will just get a system up and running, while the basic level expands on this and allows for a larger system.  The medium level includes more items to give greater control and professionalism to your system.  
By upgrading to the advanced or ultimate levels, standard quick connect fittings are replaced by our higher quality Legris style fittings. These fittings are made of a high quality bioplastic that prevent microbial buildup such as biofilms and can be connected or disconnected while your system is turned on. The quick connect fittings can boast neither of these features.  The advanced and ultimate levels feature spare parts to allow for little or no downtime while cleaning as well as some advanced components and fittings to allow for complete control and customization of your system. 

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