HPA Accumulator Tank

$ 79.79 $ 120.00

This component is a perfect addition for a serious high pressure aeroponic horticulturist.  Accumulator tanks allow for pressure to accumulate in your lines.  This allows for rest time of your pump, giving it a longer life.  When used in combination with a solenoid valve and pressure gauge switch, accumulator tanks can give you complete control over your aeroponic system.  By keeping a constant pressure in the line, there is no time required to build or work up to adequate pressure.  This means that you will not experience any dripping or otherwise unwanted spray from your nozzles or system.


  • White High Pressure Accumulator Tank (rated to 105 PSI)
  • Tank to 1/4" Quick Connect Valve Adapter
  • Food Grade Tee Fitting (rated to 150 PSI)

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