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TreeFrog™ Base Platform

  • TreeFrog™ 27 Gallon Tray (Undrilled)
  • 26 Site Lid (for 3" net pots)
  • Anodized Aluminum Stand with Adjustable Feet
  • 4 X 1/4" Quick Connect Bulkheads
  • Brain Lid & Handles 
  • White Multi-purpose Dome Cover 

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Basic TreeFrog™ System. Plant site holes are drilled and you get dimples for other holes in the tray and lid. Use your own parts or select accessory packages from our store. The Base Platform comes equipped with food grade bio-plastic bulkheads, to be used with our quick connect plumbing equipment, which can run air stones or misting nozzles to the unit.

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Price: from $399.00

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