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TreeFrog™ HP Aero Platform

  •  TreeFrog™ 27 Gallon Tray (with drain holes)
  • 26 Site Lid (for 3" net pots or cap the ones not used)
  • Anodized Aluminum Stand with Adjustable Feet
  • 4 X 1/4″ Quick Connect Bulkheads
  • Ventilation Hole Grill and 4 Silicone “Bolts”
  • Brain Lid Handles
  • White Multi-purpose Dome Cover
  • High Pressure Aero Kit 6800
  • Single Head Fogger with Float
  • 27x 3" Netpots
  • Air to Water Thermometer

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Want a TreeFrog™ fitted for High Pressure Aeroponics but not all the recirculating hydroponics equipment? The HPA TreeFrog Platform has pre-drilled drains and instead of including plumbing for hydro-styles, it comes with all the plumbing gear need for High Pressure Aeroponics. Lid is dimpled for easy drilling and nozzle placement. 

*Your TreeFrog™ and existing grow gear can always be upgraded with any of our kits and accessories.


Price: $640.00

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