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DIY High Pressure Aeroponics Kit 8800

  • Food safe, American made components
  • 8800 series low power external pump & transformer
  • Enclosure with glycerin filled pressure gauge
  • 10 step titanium drill bit (1/4″ – 1,3/8″) with 1/2″ shank
  • 10 silicone stoppers (pre-drilled for 1/4″ tubing)
  • 10 cleanable sprayer heads (please specify straight or angled)
  • 11 quick connect bioplastic tees (one installed in enclosure)
  • 2 quick connect bioplastic bulkheads (installed in enclosure)
  • 2 quick connect bioplastic elbow
  • 40′ food safe, high pressure 1/4″ tubing
  • 150 micron cleanable filter
  • 6 x extra nozzles!

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This kit features our high quality American made 6800 series low power external pump professionally installed in an enclosure with mounted pressure gauge.  - This kit contains enough parts to run 10 nozzles at or above 80 psi or up to 14 nozzles at lower pressures. Perfect for running up to 10 buckets, tubs, totes, cloners, terrariums, or? This kit will run 2 Treefrogs! This pump and box are EXTERNAL Do not immerse in your reservoir!

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Price: $300.00

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