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TreeFrog University

Multiponics™ has revolutionized the concept of adaptability. Each component in the patent pending Tree Frog™ growing system has been chosen for quality and modular adaptability.

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The patent pending TreeFrog™ is a directional, recirculating, hydroponics tray. Our FDA and NSF approved plumbing components are able to deliver air, water, and nutrients to the root zone of your plants. Our optional interior and exterior plumbing systems are intended to be modified on the fly as you may require. Starting at $399, well equipped at $599!

1) 3″ plant site location (can be covered). 2) Sturdy 1/4″ ABS lid. 3+4) Fitted edges for a tight seal. 5) Brain plumbing inspection dome (light tight cover not shown). 6) 3″ ventilation & access port. 7) 1/2″ holes for brain lid handles or ? 8) Removable “brain” lid. 9) Dimples on lid for 1/4″ holes used for airstone & misting nozzle placement or ? 10-11) Dimples for holes through lid & tray (fixed) used for plumbing to and from underneath of unit.
12) Directional flow toward right 13) Raised wall forces water to take a directional path through each side. 14) Raised wall acts as dam & floods evenly into both sides. 15) Brain area to circulate reservoir water, monitor & mix nutrients, adjust ph, plumbing or ? 16) Recessed area for large air stone, fogger, brain drain or ? 17) Recessed drains on both sides allow complete draining. 18+22) Curved walls direct mist, water, & air. 19) Fitted edges for a tight seal. 20) Smooth walls & removable lid for easy cleanup. 21) Angles ensure coverage & directional flow. 23) Strong lip & lid hold plenty of weight.


To better understand the Patent Pending Tree Frog™ you may wish to review our video tutorials and familiarize yourself with the system prior to placing an order. Feel free to contact us directly if you have unanswered questions.