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Staying Healthy

Staying healthy in our busy world can be a challenge, even for a conscientious eater. The idea of growing one’s own food can be intimidating, but this option becomes more and more important and feasible in our society. Multiponics™ equipment has been well thought out for all experience levels. From the novice gardener to the most technically advanced professionals.

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Multiponics™ seeks to introduce, utilize, and advance technologies to modernize food production methods.
Our products are designed to be user friendly, intuitive, and reliable for the researcher, hobbyist, or commercial gardener.
Multiponics™ is proud to be PVC free. Our products and accessories are constructed with safer alternatives. What are you using in your garden?

When you start out with our systems, we provide accessories and features for you to “grow” with. Our store is full of accessories and “kits” that work well with all of our products. For our products we choose the safest, healthiest components and materials that we can find. We source and manufacture our products as locally as possible.

Please contact us with questions or research our products by visiting our YouTube Channel.