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Recirculating Hydroponics

Recirculating hydroponics is an increasingly popular style of controlled environment growing that produces outstanding results due to the plants’ constant access to well Oxygenated water and nutrients. This style of hydroponics is known by many names. Commonly called recirculating deep water culture (RDWC) aka “Under Current™” aka “Current Culture™”. The term Recirculating Hydroponic Culture could be used to describe many hydroponic systems. This would include Ebb and Flow, NFT (nutrient film technique), or Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS), currently used in many aquaponics setups.

The TreeFrog™ by Multiponics™ can adapt to all known hydroponic styles. The conversion process is simple, even in mid crop. We call our recirculating method “River Current™” because the water moves directionally through our patent pending tray like an actual river. Ensuring each plant’s roots get constant access to fresh water, nutrients, and Oxygen. Imagine a river flowing over the roots in your jungle of plants! As the user you are in control of the speed, volume, and depth of the water.
The TreeFrog™ can take your recirculating hydroponic garden to the next level with the options it provides. Our interior plumbing equipment offers users a smooth, easy adaptability. The external plumbing kits we offer are suitable for water, gas, and air. Our components are all food safe. Our quick connect fittings are the best money can buy and are produced from renewable bio-polymers. Our food safe tubing is easy to connect to an air pump. This allows you to install air stones anywhere in a TreeFrog™ tray ensuring proper Oxygen delivery to each plant’s root mass.
There are many recirculating hydroponics setups but none have the quality, adaptability, and modularity that the TreeFrog™ and other Multiponics™ equipment offers. We never use PVC, and choose to use food safe components made in the USA, whenever possible. Our modular systems are designed to be daisy chained and setup in nearly infinite configurations. This high quality equipment can be used on a hobbyist or commercial level. A Multiponics™ grower can grow food or herbs in their kitchen, patio, or backyard greenhouse. A commercial facility or large scale gardener who chooses Multiponics equipment can easily connect virtually infinite grow modules together. Scalable designs make for a smooth and expandable modular farming system.